UFC 194 || Demian Maia controls Gunnar Nelson en route to dominant unanimous decision

Las Vegas, NV – Demian Maia illustrated beautiful grappling skills and dominated Gunnar Nelson, going a perfect 3-0 for the year of 2015.

UFC 194 was held on December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Demian Maia vs. Gunnar Nelson took place on the main card portion of the event.

Immediately going for a takedown, Maia tried to threaten his foe early on, but with much resistance. Falling to his back, Maia was unable to get his desired position. Both men scrambled for about one minute, until Maia managed to control the back of Nelson. Trying to reverse the situation, Nelson shook his back but only to have Maia end up in full mount. Transitioning to the back, Maia ended the first very strong with ground and pound and submission attempts.

As round two began, Nelson looked much more focused on a striking centered gameplan, while keeping his hands low to defend trips. However, a takedown attempt by Maia kept things in the grappling realm for the remainder of the round. Hammering Nelson with elbows half way through the fight, Maia looked to be in complete control by utilizing his elite BJJ skills.

Taking down Nelson at the beginning of the third, Maia once again used grappling proficiency to control the fight. The Brazillian ace landed ground and pound throughout, causing Nelson to cover up and forget about any offensive output. Although Nelson ended up in top full guard by the end of the fight, there was little to be done and both athletes exchanged hugs as time ran out.

Taking the victory against another skilled BJJ artist, Demian Maia moves up to 22-6 as Gunnar Nelson drops down to 14-2 as a professional.

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