TUF 22 Finale || Ryan LaFlare dominates Mike Pierce en route to unanimous decision

Las Vegas, NV | Ryan LaFlare used body kicks and efficient takedown defense to defeat Mike Pierce, the official scores coming in at 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale will be held on December 11, 2015 at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ryan LaFlare vs. Mike Pierce took place on the preliminary card which aired on Fox Sports 1.

LaFlare & Pierce opened with tentative strikes, with LaFlare looking for upkicks and taking the role as aggressor. Pierce was largely unable to land for the first few minutes, and a slipped high kick at the three minute mark meant a different gameplan. Rushing in for a single leg, Pierce tried to initiate the grappling contest early against LaFlare, but not without resistance. Pierce started to open up with one minute remaining, throwing some nice hooks and shutting down the offense of LaFlare. The 32 year-old is touching his eye repeatedly, but still manages to catch Pierce before the round ends.

Pierce absorbs a body kick early into the second, with a short knee followup afterwards. Pierce defends a quick takedown attempt and LaFlare is starting to look slightly flustered as the match continues. A strong knee lands for LaFlare, but Pierce is still pushing forward and looking for openings. Half way through the fight, Pierce lands a crisp straight on the chin of his opponent and is pushing LaFlare against the cage, looking for the takedown. The attempt is stuffed, but Pierce is still forcing LaFlare to step back. Although Pierce does better here than in the first, LaFlare had landed enough to take this round in the scorebooks.

A massive head bump belonging to Pierceis shown by the camera before the third round begins. Pierce pushes LaFlare forward against the cage and controls the fight for the first few minutes until he is pushed away. LaFlare lands a pair of body kicks and the accumulated strikes are beginning to slow down Pierce. Although Pierce was looking for big shots in the last round, his offense was largely reduced to pushing LaFlare against the cage. With one minute remaining, LaFlare takes the center of the octagon and tries to avoid the hooks of Pierce. Unloading with twenty seconds left, Pierce ends the fight in an exciting fashion and manages to catch his enemy, but it is too little too late.

Taking the decision, Ryan LaFlare bounces back from his lone defeat and moves to 12-1. Mike Pierce falls to 17-7.

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