TUF 22 Finale || Ryan Hall becomes TUF 22 Champion

Las Vegas, NV | Ryan Hall defeated Artem Lobov to become the ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, scoring a unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-26.

The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale will be held on December 11, 2015 at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. Artem Lobov  vs. Ryan Hall took place on the main card which aired on Fox Sports 1.

TUF Finalists Lobov and Hall started by squaring off and trading some early blows. However, a fast paced takedown by Hall dictated the rest of the first round. Looking for a heelhook and then transitioning into a rear-naked choke, Hall immediately threatened Lobov and caused major concern. After losing the choke, Hall continued the throw strikes from back control, trying to re-establish his hooks. With two minutes remaining in the first, Hall continued to control the back with a strong body triangle. The round winds down as Hall is battering his opponent with punches and elbows.

Lobov opened the second winging punches, hands low at his waist. Taking the guard of his opponent, the Irish representative briefly throws punches and Hall seems content to accept the position. Lobov stands back up at the three minute mark and continues to look for an opening. Hall drops down and once again Lobov is in guard. Hall lands punches from the bottom, and the American prospect began hunting for a heelhook. Lobov reversed the attempt, but continued to stay passive throughout. As the second frame boils down, Hall is looking for more leglock submissions.

Round three began with another failed takedown attempt from Hall, but on the second try he managed to secure the leg of Lobov. Continuing to jump into guard, Lobov seemed frustrated by the grappling strategy of Hall. Searching for submissions, Hall managed to stay busy throughout and forced his foe to constantly defend. Referee Herb Dean is closely looking on as Hall has the back of Lobov, but the two are in a seeming stalemate. Despite the situation, Hall is allowed to continue and search for a choke. As the final seconds count down, Hall is celebrating as the TUF 22 finalist.

Ryan Hall is the new TUF Champion and moves to 5-1. Despite an impressive showing during The Ultimate Fighter, Lobov falls to 11-11.

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