TUF 22 Finale || Kawajiri cruises to dominate decision over Jason Knight

Las Vegas, NV | Tatsuya Kawajiri had no trouble fighting his fight during the main card of the TUF 22 Finale and ground out an easy decision over UFC newcomer Jason Knight.

The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale was held on December 11, 2015 at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Jason Knight took place on the main card which aired on Fox Sports 1.

Knight came out very aggressive, but found himself on his back less than 30 seconds into the fight.  He immediately went to rubber guard and searched for an triangle choke, but the ultra-experienced Kawajiri stayed calm and defended well.  The Japanese veteran eventually forced Knight to go back to full guard and forced the action to the cage.  From there, he looked to land short elbows and hammerfists while defending all of Knight’s attempts to bring his legs up.  Kawajiri opened up a cut on the left side of Knight’s face and continued to smother the UFC rookie until the the round ended.

The fight was once again taken to the mat within 30 seconds of the beginning of the round.  Like before, Knight attempted to secure rubber guard, but Kawajiri was waiting for it and defended easily.  Knight refused to give up on the position, however, and briefly held it again.  Kawajiri began scoring with ground-and-pound around the 3:00 minute mark, but Kinght wouldn’t give up on rubber guard.  The action stalled, though, and Big John McCartney stood the fight back up.  Kawajiri didn’t let it stay there for long, however, and was able to pass to side control before attempting to mount.  he was blocked by a butterfly from Knight and ended up in half-guard.  He stayed tight to his opponent and looked to set up an arm-triangle choke, but resorted to short punches just before the bell sounded.

Kawajiri landed a nice spinning kick to start the final round and then took it right back to the mat.  He passed to half-guard much easier this time and kept inching Knight towards the cage.  Knight spun his head towards the center, but was still being ground out.  Another stand up from Big John may have come a little quickly, but “The Crusher” once again took Knight straight back down.  He moved to north-south position, allowing Knight to attempt to use his legs and push off of the cage.  He failed to escape, though, and Kawajiri moved back to side control.  Knight was able to trap Kawajiri’s left arm with his legs, but it only amounted to a stalemate position and prompted a stand-up.  Kawajiri still refused to let the fight stay standing, though.  The contest came to an end with Kawajiri landing short blows to Knight’s head.

The judges all saw the bout the same, and gave the decision to Tatsuya Kawajiri with scores of 30-27.

Kawajiri is now 35-8 after dominating Knight, who drops to 13-2.

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