UFC Fight Night 80 || Rose Namajunas demolished Paige VanZant before earning a 5th Round finish

Las Vegas, NV | Rose Namajunas brutally battered Paige VanZant for nearly five full rounds until finally forcing her to give in to defeat with a rear naked choke.

UFC Fight Night 80 was held on December 10, 2015 at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rose Namajunas vs. Paige VanZant took place on the main card which aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Namajunas started fast and landed a nice 1-2 on VanZant before scoring a takedown and landing a few heavy shots from top postion.  VanZant was bleeding before the fight was 2 minutes old.  VanZant made it back to her feet and started advancing aggressively, but was eating hard jabs and left hands on her way in.  Namajunas scored a second takedown and took VanZant’s back before attempting a rear naked choke.  VanZant survived and stood up, but was bleeding very badly by now.  Namajunas once again put PVZ on her back and passed to half-guard.  VanZant was beginning to look desperate on the ground and was losing blood as the round ended and she made her way back to her corner.

Van Zant came out looking to land a head-and-arm throw, but Namajunes defended easily and ended up in top position again.  She briefly took back position but ended up in half guard before VanZant forced it back to a standing position.  VanZant finally had a brief moment of offense when she scored a trip and tried to take Namajunas’s back, but she couldn’t secure it.  It was clear that PVZ wanted to be in top position when she attempted to pull guard and sweep her opponent all in one motion.  Like most every other attempt at offense, however, VanZant ended up on her own back and stayed there until the bell sounded.

Both ladies opened up with their striking in the beginning of the Round 3 with Namajunas landing the more telling blows.  VanZant was still dealing with a bad cut and seemed to be running out of options.  She tried landing knees from a Muay Thai clinch, but Namajunas forced her against the cage and ended up on top of VanZant again.  PVZ was running out of steam at this point in the contest.  VanZant stood up again, but allowed Namajunas to stay behind her.  Namajunas leaped into the air and grabbed onto VanZant’s back, who immediately tried slamming her way out of the position.  The attempt failed, however, and Namajunas sunk in a tight rear naked choke that looked to be close to finishing the fight.  VanZant displayed great heart by fighting out of the hold, though, and the fight continued into the championship rounds.

Like every round that came before, VanZant quickly found herself on her back.  This time she had to fight her way out of an armbar that was very close to earning Namajunas the victory.  A second armbar was even closer to ending things a few moments later, and it looked like PVZ’s arm was close to breaking.  The Team Alpha Male representative again refused to succumb, though, and somehow escaped.  Shockingly, VanZant survived the onslaught long enough to see the beginning of the 5th and final round.

Namajunas looked incredibly fresh compared to a badly beaten PVZ and again took the fight to the mat.  This time PVZ wouldn’t be able to survive.  She fought for for a few moments before allowing Namajunas to take her back and lock in another rear naked choke.  VanZant was finally forced to tap at 2:25 of Round 5, bringing a merciful end to an exceptionally one-sided beating.

Rose Namajunas is now 4-2 after cruising to victory.  Paige VanZant suffered her second defeat after enduring an awful beating.

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