TUF 22 || Live Results from Episode 12

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MMA Mad again has the coverage of season 22 of The Ultimate Fighter. Episode 12 is the last episode in the series. If you missed any of the previous episode you can get a recap here. If you missed the results of the fight you can watch the highlights of Julian Erosa vs. Abner Lloveras here and watch highlights of Marcin Wrzosek vs. David Teymur here.

Preview this weeks episode below and follow live coverage with us as the show unfolds this evening.

Episode 12

And we’ve officially arrived at the last episode of TUF 22. Marcin Wrzosek vs. Saul Rogers is set to kick things off in the night’s first semifinal. Then, SBG Ireland’s Artem Lobov will square off against the last remaining American fighter, Julian Erosa. Both promise to be exciting bouts, with the winner set to compete for the TUF Championship on Friday, December 11. All four guys would be worthy champions in my opinion. I’m very excited for these fights.

 First semifinal set to take place after the commercial break. Looking forward to it!

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Another weird silent one with two teammates fighting each other. I kind of like it though. Takes away the effect of crowd noise on scoring. Interesting social experiment for those who think judges should be in a soundproof booth. Violent entries from both guys in the opening exchanges, but it’s Rogers who secures the first takedown of the fight. Marcin scrambles to the cage and attempts to get back to his feet, but Rogers is really smothering him. When Marcin finally stands up, Rogers immediately takes him down again and begins to control posture.

With two minutes left, they separate. Rogers looks to have an advantage on both the feet and the mat, although the stand-up is a much closer battle so far. In the final minute of the round, Rogers catches a body kick and uses it to take Marcin to the ground yet again. This was a pretty clear one for Rogers, as all judges should see it 10-9.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Rogers

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It’s Wrzosek who appears to be getting the best of the exchanges early, but nothing definitive. Rogers takes him down (with relative ease) at the four-minute mark, similar to round one, and begins working the hooks in against the cage. He’s got one, but the fence is preventing him from fully taking the back. Marcin looks to be is completely outclassed in the grappling exchanges, as Rogers is controlling posture and taking him down at will.

With one minute left, Rogers finally gets control of the back and sinks in the rear-naked choke. Good performance and a well-deserved shot at the TUF Championship on Friday. I’d love to see him take on either Erosa or Lobov. That fight is up next.

Saul Rogers finishes things with a rear-naked choke in the second.

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As teased in the promo, Aldo has arrived at the gym to show the Americans a thing or two… and play some soccer, of course. Then, McGregor walks Lobov through the game plan, which essentially boils down to staying patient, tracking down an elusive Erosa, and getting that knockout. What a coincidence, McGregor does some juggling of his own.

Well-played TUF producers. Well-played.

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Some advice, some trash talk, some last-minute preparation. Aldo sits on the American side, which basically just allows Uncle Dana to promote the December 12th card. Hey, have you guys heard about this Aldo vs. McGregor fight. Should be a good scrap… I’ll tune in. Thanks for the heads up Dana.

Lobov vs. Erosa is coming our way after the break. Should be a good one!

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Erosa looks to maintain distance while Lobov attempts to cut off the cage and turn this into a dirty boxing match. AND JUST LIKE THAT! Artem drops Erosa in the first minute of the fight, pours on some finishing blows, and earns that TKO stoppage.

Artem Lobov finishes things early with a TKO stoppage in the first.

Whoa! Huge twist at the end of this one. It turns out, Saul Rogers lied on his VISA application and is having trouble getting into the country for the finale. Now, Ryan Hall – the jiu jitsu mastermind – is set to take on Artem Lobov at the TUF 22 Finale. This is a classic striking vs. grappling matchup between two guys who excel at both. Looking forward to that one.

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