BAMMA HW Champion Mark Godbeer retires from MMA following latest injury

Following his latest injury, BAMMA heavyweight champion Mark Godbeer has announced his retirement from MMA. Godbeer (10-2 MMA) was scheduled to take part in the RIZIN FF Grand Prix tournamant in Japan on NYE however news broke earlier this week that Godbeer, who would of faced Bellator’s King Mo in the quarter finals had suffered an undisclosed injury and has to withdraw from the tournament.

Injuries are a regular occurrence in MMA however this seems to be the straw that broke the camels back for the BAMMA heavyweight champion. Godbeer released the following statement on his Facebook page this morning.

I’ve had a few days to think and settle down. over the coarse of my fight career I have suffered many injuries. I’ve had on going issues that has lead me to this point. after serious consideration I will no longer be fighting at a competitive level… I’m retiring from MMA. I’ve said this before but this time its for real. I have been blessed to compete at world class levels and traveled the world doing so. The truth of the matter is this it has come at a massive financial cost, even had the bailiffs take my car last week at what cost! I have laid out thousands in training fees lessons private tuition and fought some of the best in the world at a loss, don’t tell me I haven’t dedicated myself to this sport, I’m no longer doing it for every other cunt to get rich from me. Not anymore.. iv been ripped off by management companies lied to and can no longer deal with the falseness the MMA world is surrounded by. us as fighters get fuck all for what we put our body through. Then 15% management fees then after all this not a single fucking penny help towards training, physio or well being. After all this I’m basically fighting for fuck all. no more I’m done find another mug to fill my place.. kids as a role model if your looking at taking up MMA as a career to feed your family think again… I’m 100% done..

Godbeer, who won the BAMMA heavyweight title against Paul Taylor, will now vacate the belt he won in June at BAMMA 21. Watch the full fight below in what looks like Godbeer’s last foray into a cage.

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