UFC Seoul Results || Mike de la Torre claims split decision victory over Yui Chul Nam

Seoul, South Korea: Mike de la Torre pulled off a split decision victory over a tough opponent in Yui Chul Nam.

UFC Fight Night 79 was held on November 28, 2015 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, South Korea. The event will be the first that the organisation will have hosted in South Korea. Yui Chul Nam vs. Mike de la Torre took place on the preliminary portion of the card that aired on UFC Fight Pass.

As the bout commenced, Nam pushed his opponent against the fence right off the bat. De la Torre reversed the situation shortly after however, and both men trade with de la Torre landing the better shots. The majority of the first round took place as a clinch battle against the fence. Both men had good moments in the first, with Nam absorbing damage underneath his left eye. Nam’s winging strike style began to lose steam as the round came to an end.

Nam started the second frame with more control over de la Torre. Most likely in an effort to absorb less damage, Nam’s focus shifted towards takedowns thereafter. With half the round still remaining, Nam’s takedown attempts have had no success. An efficient round two in terms of scoring for de la Torre.

Perhaps with the knowledge he had lost the second round, Nam charged out the gate in round three. Although briefly securing a takedown, Nam could not pressure his opponent quite like in the first frame. De la Torre illustrated crisp counters and good takedown defense, discouraging Nam’s attempts throughout.

With the split decision win, Mike de la Torre moves upto 14-5 asĀ  Yui Chul Nam drops to 18-6.

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