UFC Seoul Results || Marco Beltrán takes split decision victory Ning Guangyou

Seoul, South Korea: Marco Beltran took a rather uneventful decision victory in Korea during the Fight Pass preliminaries.  (29-28 Beltran, 29-28 Guangyou, 29-28 Beltran)

UFC Fight Night 79 was held on November 28, 2015 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, South Korea. The event will be the first that the organisation will have hosted in South Korea. Ning Guangyou vs. Marco Beltrán took place on the preliminary portion of the card that aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Throwing some tentative leg strikes early on, Beltran took control in the first few minutes of this matchup. Guangyou was largely unable to find his range, however some decent combinations did find their mark. The lack of range contributed to a fairly uneventful first round, with the crowd verbally disapproving.

Opening with early combinations, Guangyou secured a takedown and brought much more aggression into the second frame. Half way through round two, the athletes are stood up and return to tentative striking in the center of the octagon. As the clock winds down, Guangyou is stalking Beltran, but never lands a strike of note.

Beltran and Guangyou struggled throughout the majority of the fight to find range and get in a position of advantage. Guangyou attempted aggression once more in the third, but was unable to threaten his opponent in any capacity. With one minute remaining, Beltran opened up with some decent knees, but Guangyou managed to recover and held Beltran against the cage. As the fight came to an end, it would appear to be a very close call on the victor.

With the decision victory, Marco Beltran climbs to 7-3 as a professional. Ning Guangyou falls to 5-3-1.



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