UFC Fight Night 78 || Ricardo Lamas takes unanimous decision over Diego Sanchez in entertaining brawl

Monterrey, Mexico – Ricardo Lamas put extreme pressure on Diego Sanchez tonight, with hard low kicks and efficient grappling pressure.

UFC Fight Night 78 was held on November 21, 2015 at the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico.

Sanchez and Lamas offered excitement early on, trading shots with ‘The Dream’ plodding forward and stalking his opponent. Half way through the first, Lamas cracked Sanchez with a high kick which only seemed to further agitate Sanchez. Lamas went for some grappling exchanges, but was unable to exert control for the most part. The first round ended with Sanchez pushed up against the cage, defending more grappling.

As the second frame began, Lamas shot for an early takedown only to be stuffed by his opponent. After struggling for quite some time, Sanchez managed to resume his center position only to absorb a hard low kick to the calf. Lamas smelled blood and charged in, throwing more leg strikes and setting up another takedown attempt. Sanchez reversed the situation only to defend more grappling efforts from Lamas. With twenty seconds remaining, the round ended with Sanchez trying to unload his standing arsenal.

Lamas controlled Sanchez in the first few minutes of the third, staying on the outside and landing crisp counters. Although Sanchez tried to bring the fight to his opponent, egging him on against the cage and throwing combinations, Lamas seemed to be in control for the most part. With two minutes remaining, Sanchez looked worse for wear with a bloody face and visibly stumbling. As the entertaining fight came to an end, Lamas raised his hand, confident of his damage done.

Taking the victory, Ricardo Lamas moves to 16-4 with Diego Sanchez falling to 25-8.

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