UFC Fight Night 78 || Leandro Silva takes unanimous decision victory

Monterrey, Mexico – A hard fought three round unanimous decision was the result for Leandro Silva as the TUF Latin America 2 155 finalist.

UFC Fight Night 78 was held on November 21, 2015 at the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. This fight is the ‘TUF Latin America 2’ 155-Pound Final.

An 8-year veteran of the UFC, Escudero pushed the pace in round one and forced Silva to play defensive. Half way through the frame, Silva turned the tables and initiated a clinch against the cage, throwing combinations off the break. Shortly after, Escudero shot for a handful of takedowns, but was unable to materialize anything from the attempts.

Leandro Silva opened up his offense much more in the second, throwing kicks and jabs-before falling victim to a takedown only a minute later. Silva attempted a leglock attempt in order to stand up, but to no avail. What began as a strong round for the Brazilian ultimately was all Escudero’s.

With the threat of the takedown, Silva found himself unable to do as much standing as he would have liked. Regardless, Escudero was unable to deliver on his takedowns during the third and absorbed significant damage over the remaining five minutes. With two minutes to spare, Silva had taken the back of Escudero after defending a takedown. As the final round came to an end, Silva maintained his control over the back of Escudero.

With the victory, Leandro Silva moves to 19-3-1 as his opponent Efrain Escudero drops down to 24-10.

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