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UFC Fight Night 78 || Erik Perez defeats Taylor Lapilus in an entertaining decision.

Monterrey, Mexico- Erik Perez ignited his hometown crowd by outfighting Taylor Lapilus in an exciting 3-round decision victory.

UFC Fight Night 78 was held on November 21, 2015 at the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico.

The Mexican crowd was obviously behind Perez from the very start, but it was Lapilus that was moving forward and seemingly confusing Perez at first with a southpaw stance.  He landed some decent blows, but eventually “El Goyito” began to get his timing down and land sharp counters.  Perez’s kicks started to become more effective as the round went on, as well.

The pace remained high as the bout moved into the 2nd round.  Lapilus landed themost effective blow of the fight up to that point, stunning Perez and allowing Lapilus to go for a guillotine, pulling guard in the process.  The crowd chanted for Perez to escape which he did, but Lapilusbegan to attack with a kimura immediately after relinquishing the choke.  The crowd was given another opportunity to cheer wildly, though, as Perez escaped the attempt and landed some effectinve ground and pound while trying to pass his opponent’s guard.  He was never able to completely advance his position, but Perez was likely successful in negating the trouble he was in earlier in the round on the cards by holding top position until the bell sounded.

The crowd was fully invested iin the bout at this point and once again chanted loudly for Perez as the final round began.  Both Lapilus and Perez appeared to have slowed down a bit after burning through so much energy in the previous 10 minutes.  Taylor “Double Impact” Lapilus initiated another grappling exchange, and held Perez’s back briefly, but Perez fought his way out as the crowd roared in approval.  Perez took control of the round with another takedown and was able to move to half guard this time.  He used the position to land short elbows and punches to Taylor’s body before attempting an failing to secure mount.  He didn’t need it, however, as the fight ended seconds later.  Believing he had the fight in hand, Perez went to his knees against the fence as he pounded his chest and cried while listening to his countrymen cheer wildly.

The judges agreed with Perez.  All three awarded him the victory with scores of 29-28 three times.

Erik Perez fought his way to 15-6 with the decision and Taylor Lapilus suffered only his second loss.  “Double Impact” is now 10-2.

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