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UFC Fight Night 78 || Alejandro Pérez hobbles Jorgensen en route to forcing a stoppage

Monterrey, Mexico- Alejandro Pérez landed a sick leg kick to Scott Jorgensen that took any chance of victory away from the former title contender.

UFC Fight Night 78 was held on November 21, 2015 at the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. Scott Jorgensen vs. Alejandro Pérez took place on the FS1 portion of the preliminary card.

Pérez wanted to stay on his horse early in an attempt to nullify Jorgensen’s ability to take him down, sprinkling in some kicks in the process.  Jorgenson was eventually able to chase him down, however, and lifted him in the air a couple of times, but he couldn’t hold Pérez on the mat.  It was clear that Pérez wanted nothing to do with the grappling game of Jorgensen and was largley able to succeed with that stratey throughout the first stanza.  he became more comfortable throwing punches as the round went on, but was still being backed up by his opponent to a large degree.  Pérez landed a nasty kick to Jorgensen’s left leg with only seconds left to go in the round that clearly did some major damage.

Jorgensen was limping between rounds and had issues making it back to his corner and seemed to trip on his way back to the center.  Pérez was merciless and went for the kill, but Jorgensen refused to give in.  he could barely stand at this point.  The referee seemed content to allow the action to continue, though, even though Jorgensen was obviously struggling mightily.  Jorgensen’s ability to tough through the pain was impressive, but he was limited at best with his offense.

Pérez kept trying to kick to the wounded limb, but Jorgensen switched his stance to avoid more punishment.  Moving to the left was impossible for Jorgensen.  Finally, Jorgensen could take no more and had to tap out after falling to the mat trying to perform a kicking technique.  That was hard to watch.

Alejandro Pérez is now 16-6 after hobbling Jorgensen, who quite literally stumbled to 15-12.

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