WSOF 25 Results || Joseph Barajas dominates Erik Villalobos, scores third round TKO

Phoenix, Arizona: The grappling of Joseph Barajas was too much for Erik Villalobos to overcome Friday night, with Barajas taking a TKO victory at 4:06 into the third round.

WSOF 25 took place Friday, November 20th at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The events main draw was an 8-man lightweight elimination tournament. Barajas vs. Villalobos was a preliminary feature, which can be found live on MMA MAD.

The final prelim begins with an immediate takedown from Barajas. Attacking from side guard, the 28 year-old loses his position and threatens with another takedown. He lands in full guard, landing some ground and pound until Villalobos escapes. Another takedown for Barajas as the fight reaches the half way mark. Although he has cage control, little damage is being done by either opponent. The round ends with both men fighting for control against the cage.

At the start of round two, Barajas scores another takedown but is threatened with a reversal. The ground and pound is accumulating and Villalobos is starting to look relatively tired. Barajas is moving to side control and threatening to submissions and more striking. Villalobos finally gets to his feet, but not for long as he is tripped back to the canvas. With half a minute remaining, Barajas is in full mount and delivering brutal right hands. The second frame ends as Villalobos is looking worse for wear.

Exactly like the former two rounds, Barajas goes for a takedown attempt and after some brief cage-clinching he ends up on top. Villalobos is unable to defend and gives up his back trying to escape. Barajas rolls his opponent back into side control and full mount. The ground and pound is accumulating and the ref has seen too much. A smothering TKO victory for Barajas.

Erik Villalobos falls to 4-5, with Joe Barajas moving forward to 12-1 as a bantamweight.


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