WSOF 25 Results || Jason High successful in MMA return, knocks out Estevan Payan

Phoenix, Arizona: Jason High landed a perfect head kick with followup strikes, making for a great co-main event.

WSOF 25 took place Friday, November 20th at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The events main draw was an 8-man lightweight elimination tournament. High vs Payan was a non-tournament feature on the main card, live on NBCSN.

Although Payan opened the round with some good strikes, it didn’t take long for High to control his opponent with a quick takedown one minute in. Holding Payan’s arm between his legs, High unloaded on his opponent against the cage offering Payan little option for escape. High throws a knee to the head of Payan just as they resume standing. Both men are clinching against the cage with High controlling the pace. The brawl resumes in the middle of the cage and Payan starts to push forward, realizing he needs to offer something. With thirty seconds left, High is back to being the aggressor, throwing leg kicks to end the round.

As round two begins, Payan is looking more offensively minded and starts pressuring High. By doing so, he walks into a crushing head kick. High pounces on his opponent and the referee calls it off after some brief followup ground and pound.

With the win, Jason High moves up to 19-5 as his opponent Estevan Payan drops down to 16-9.

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