WSOF 25 Results || Islam Mamedov moves on to second round of eight-man tournament

Phoenix, Arizona: Islam Mamedov defeated his opponent Jorge Patino via two-round decision tonight for the first round of the WSOF LW tournament.

WSOF 25 took place Friday, November 20th at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The events main draw was an 8-man lightweight elimination tournament. Patino vs. Mamedov was a quarterfinal tournament feature, live on NBCSN.

Mamedov vs. Patino starts off the lightweight tournament. The two men square off in the cage with Mamedov throwing long jabs and finding his range. A nice kick lands for Mamedov as Patino is winging combinations at his opponent. Patino eats a huge flying knee, followed by some hard strikes from the bottom. Mamedov is unloading and moves to side control, stifling the movement of Patino. The ref is warning for Patino to fight back as the ground strikes are starting to accumulate. Surprisingly Patino reverses the situation and briefly has Mamedov in mount. Mamedov jumps up and the 42 year-old goes for a guillotine attempt. Mamedov gives the thumbs up and the round ends with Mamedov in side guard.

The second and final frame of this fight begins with Patino throwing combinations ending in a leg kick. Mamedov stuffs a takedown and lands a knee to the midsection, forcing Patino to the canvas. Islam takes the back but is unable to capitalize and the fight returns to the feet. Patino is pressuring his opponent against the cage and initiates a clinch battle, but he is reversed. Mamedov’s passive gameplan this round is questionable, but he appears to have the match in control. That being said, Patino is fighting with heart and throwing everything he has at the Russian. An exciting two rounds to start off the tournament.

With this win, Mamedov moves up to 13-1 as his opponent Patino falls to 38-16-2.

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