WSOF 25 Results || Brian Foster beats Joao Zeferino in a rematch of the same night, earns shot at Justin Gaethje

Phoenix, Arizona: Brian Foster made history tonight after being eliminated in the quarterfinals, only to come back and emerge victorious as the winner of the WSOF LW 8-man tournament.

WSOF 25 took place Friday, November 20th at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The event’s lightweight tournament conclusion was a rematch between Joao Zeferino and Brian Foster. During the initial quarterfinals, Zeferino submitted Foster with a swift heelhook.

Foster opens up the fight strong, popping Zeferino with a left-right combo and throwing a kick to finish it off. However, Zeferino jumps guard and strangely enough Foster starts fighting for a leglock. Zeferino reverses but Foster is now on top looking for the kimura. He doesn’t get it and Zeferino ends up on top. An accidental kick to the face lands on Zeferino and the fight resumes standing. Foster has the center of the cage and stuffs the first takedown attempt of the Brazilian. Foster is avoiding the ground game and starting to land his strikes with higher frequency. With one minute remaining, Foster pushes away Zeferino as he dives for the leglock submission. As the round winds down, Foster is stalking Zeferino against the cage.

Foster catches a kick and stalks down Zeferino as the second frame begins. The American throws a spinning back kick but Zeferino catches it and ends up in side control. Zeferino is threatening with the arm triangle but Foster manages to escape and is landing leg kicks while standing. Foster lets his opponent stand up half way through the round. Zeferino lands a solid right hook and stumbles Foster who is rocked and falls against the cage. Zeferino somehow ends up on his back and Foster is trying to recoup in with more standing leg kicks. Foster dives into side guard after Zeferino tries to stand up, and the grappling ensues. Shortly after, Foster lands a few ground strikes, stands back up and jumps into side control, smashing his opponent with a few hard left hands. The referee calls the fight at

With the comeback win, Brian Foster is now 25-8 and gets his shot at WSOF LW champ Justin Gaethje. Joao Zeferino falls to 20-7.

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