WSOF 25 || Brian Foster TKOs Palomino in the second, rematches Zeferino in the finals

Phoenix, AZ – In the second semifinal matchup up the evening, Luis Palomino is set to take on Brian Foster after a series of injuries forced the quarterfinal victors to sit out (Mike Ricci, Islam Mamedov).

To start off this bout, Foster takes the center of the cage, throwing a spinning kick and trying to catch the Peruvian off guard. Palomino evades and circles on the outside. Foster is stalking Palomino against the cage and looking for openings. A good right hand lands and Palomino backs up against the cage. After a quick pause Foster throws a leg kick followed by more striking combinations. Palomino is fighting without much urgency, similar to his quarterfinal match against Patishnock. A left-right lands for Foster and Palomino counters with a stunning left. Foster absorbs the blow and shoots for a double which he lands in full guard. Foster transitions to side control and starts attacking the right arm before mounting Palomino. With less than a minute remaining, Palomino is unable to escape and Foster switches back to the side control, throwing heavy shots. The bell rings with Foster dominating overall.

As the second and final frame begins, Foster shoots for another double but wiffs. Palomino is still circling on the outside and looking to counter his opponent. Foster is setting up the combinations but doesn’t seem to be landing much. Foster shoots for another takedown and Palomino is forced to defend. After a submission attempt by Foster and a quick scramble, the men end up back on the canvas with the American controlling side guard. Half way through the second and Foster switches between full mount and back control. Palomino cannot escape the bottom and Foster is attacking with submission attempts and strikes. Palomino is covering up and has nothing left to offer. The ref stops the fight with 41 seconds left in round two. Brian Foster will now rematch Joao Zeferino for the finalist spot in the tournament.

With the win, Foster moves to 24-8. Palomino is eliminated from the tournament and now sits at 24-12.


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