Bellator 146 || Julia Budd grinds out the decision win over Roberta Paim

Thackerville, OK – This one started in the clinch, as Julia Budd chipped away with heavy foot stomps and knees to the body. Kevin Herzog kept a watchful eye, but made no move to separate the two, letting them work for head and hand position. The first round was fairly uneventful, but Budd likely took it with positioning and clinch strikes.

Budd’s corner instructed her to let her hands go in round two, but that’s the difference between actions and words. Budd landed a push kick to the face, but Paim went to the clinch again. And that’s where it remained for the rest of the round, save for a few takedown attempts. It was a stalemate against the cage, in yet another uneventful round. I’d be tempted to score this one a draw, but luckily, I’m not a judge.

Julia Budd got a hard slap from her husband/coach, who instructed her to “wake up” between rounds. There appears to be some sort of mental block with Budd, who kept returning to the clinch game, despite specific instructions not to. Finally, with two and a half minutes left, Budd succeeded with a takedown attempt and secured top position. She rode out the rest of the third on top, which likely won her the round, but not emphatically.

The judges saw it the same way, giving the unanimous decision win to the veteran, Julia Budd. With the win Julia Budd improves to 9-2, while Roberta Paim drops to 4-1.

Official Result – Julia Budd def. Roberta Paim via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

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  1. That slap in her corner was disturbing. I don’t care who he is to her, a coach, or a husband (makes it even more disturbing), no one wants to see that. Imagine growing up seeing domestic violence against your mom and then seeing that. If organizations don’t want to ban that, then I won’t watch. Problem solved.

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