Bellator 146 || Bubba Jenkins takes split decision from Jordan Parsons

Thackerville, OK- Bubba Jenkins didn’t dominate like he wanted to, but a hard head kick and effective grappling late was enough to dispatch a tough Jordan Parsons.

Bellator 146: Kato vs. Manhoef will take place November 20, 2015 at the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The event will air live in prime time on Spike TV.

Jenkins landed a nice German suplex only 30 seconds into the bout, allowing him to take Parsons’ back in a standing position, but he couldn’t take further advantage and Parsons began pushing him back while looking for strikes.  Parsons got lazy, though, and gave up a double leg.  Jenkins once again took his opponent’s back and had an over-under with hooks, but failed to take advantage.  Parsons looked to mix in punches and kicks while moving forward and was able to keep Jenkins’ back on the fence for the most part.  Jenkins looked for another double leg with 1 minute left, but Parsons was wise to it a sprawled well.  He held onto a front headlock for a moment and landed some good knees while Jenkins worked his way back to his feet.  Parsons threw a jumping knee to the body with less than 10 seconds left and was taken down, but Jenkins had no time to work on the mat before the round came to an end.

Jenkins failed to get the ground to the mat once again shortly after the 2nd stanza began, leaving him to contend with more of Parsons’ striking.  Jenkins tried to answer in kind, but he couldn’t find the same kind of success.  Parsons is using distance too well, even landing a good knee when Jenkins thought about another shot.  Jenkins finally landed a huge head kick that sent Parsons tumbling backwards and to the ground.  Jenkins chose to try and keep it on the mat instead of standing and almost got caught in a kimura from a recovering Parsons, but eventually landed some decent, if not brief, ground and pound.  Parsons was finally forced to pull guard in the final minute while he kept searching for a kimura, but the round had already slipped from his grasp.

Going into the final round, it looked to be all een on the cards.  Parsons seemed to be slowed down after being stunned in the 2nd round, but was still the one pushing forward.  Jenkins still couldn’t get the fight on the ground afer shooting in and Parsons ended up with a front headlock against the cage.  He used the position to score with knees to the body of a grounded Jenkinsand eventually looked for a takedown of his own as Jenkins began to stand.  Jenkins fought out of the attempt, however, and finally scored with a takedown.  He landed in half guard along the cage, but it wasn’t long until Parsons was pushing the head down and trying to stand.  He failed in the attempt, but tried to lock in a guillotine, desspite only having half guard.  Jenkins easily defended and continued to grind away along the fence.  Both men stood with only seconds left, allowing Jenkins the opportunity to raise his fist in expected victory before the bell even sounded.

It wasn’t a runaway victory, but Jenkins did enough to earn the victory via split decision with scores of 29-28, 28-29, and 30-27.

Bubba Jenkins improves to 10-2 after the bout and Jordan Parson’s drops his second fight, leaving him with a record of 11-2.


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