Bellator 146 || Blencowe earns tough split-decision victory

Thackerville, OK- Arlene Blencowe earned a hard fought split-decision victory over her opponent Gabrielle tonight at Bellator 146. The official decision was Holloway 29-28, Blencowe 29-28, Blencowe 29-28.

Bellator 146: Kato vs. Manhoef will take place November 20, 2015 at the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The event will air live in prime time on Spike TV, with the prelims to be found live on MMA MAD.

Blencowe opened up the fight taking the center of the cage and bringing pressure to her opponent. Holloway initiated a clinch early in the round, but was unable to make much of it. Blencowe sprawls a takedown and ends up taking the side of Holloway. Eventually, Holloway ends up on top and smothers her opponent until the forty second mark, where Blencowe escapes to her feet. The round ends with Blencowe landing some heavy shots on her opponent.

The second frame began with an immediate takedown by Holloway, who lands into full mount. Throwing heavy elbows from the top, Holloway controlled her opponent until being reversed into a defensive guard. With two minutes left in the round, the fight resumes standing but not for long, with Holloway going for a short trip and landing back in guard. A good round of grappling for Holloway.

Blencowe opens the third aggressively, throwing knees and stuffing the takedown attemps of Holloway. Blencowe takes the back of Holloway after a failed takedown attempt, but eventually she ends up on her back. Holloway went for an arm-triangle choke which eventually was reversed. During the scramble, an accidental knee to the head halts the action briefly. The fight resumes standing and Blencowe is blasting Holloway with combinations. After a stuffed takedown, Blencowe locks in an armbar, but it is too late and the round ends.

With the win, Blencowe moves to 7-5 with Holloway dropping to 5-4.

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