[Highlights!] BAMMA 23 Results || Austin KO’s Denham to become the new BAMMA Lonsdale Heavyweight champion

Birmingham, England: Following a tough first round, Stuart Austin mounted a comeback to brutally knockout Thomas Denham to become the new BAMMA Lonsdale Heavyweight champion.

BAMMA 23: Night of Champions was held on 14 November 2015, at the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham. Tom Denham Vs. Stuart Austin took place on the preliminary card that aired on MMAMad.com

Live play-by-play

Round 1

Fighters touch gloves and we are underway for the BAMMA heavyweight Lonsdale title. Denham with a legkick early and his looking for that famous left hand but Austin is doing a good job in circuling away from that danger shot. Denham lands a huge shot that has Austin in all sorts of trouble. Denham working huge ground and pound with Austin covering up. Denham now going for a one armed guillotine from mount. Austin wincing however gets out of the choke but is still on the bottom of the much heavier Denham. Austin gets back to the feet and the fight resets. Denham ducks a right hand from Austin and forces the clinch up against the cage. Austin gets a takedown and lands heavy shots to end the round.

MMA Mad score the first round to Denham 10-9

Round 2

Austin lands a nice uppercut that drops Denham to begin round one but he recovers nicely and his back to his feet. Both are now fearful of each others power following a couple of knockdowns each in this fight so far. A huge right hand from Austin knockouts Denham. Wow that was huge power!

Official Results

Stuart Austin def. Tom Denham via KO (punch) at Round 2, 1:55

Here is the fight finish! https://grabyo.com/g/v/ZFCVJMi3zjA



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