TUF 22 || Live Results from Episode 8

Written by @NickRiznerMMA

Episode eight of the Ultimate Fighter season 22 airs tonight on Fox Sports 1 in the US (10 pm ET) and BT Sport 1 (3 am BST). If you missed any of the results from last weeks episode you can catch them here before the show begins.

McGregor has selected James Jenkins of Team USA vs. Artem Lobov of Team Europe in the seventh preliminary fight! Then, in a special two fight episode, David Teymur and Johnny Nunez will square off in the eighth fight, representing Team Europe and Team USA, respectively.

Episode 8

Artem Lobov discusses his receiving a second chance on the show. He told Dana that he didn’t deserve it, but would obviously take it. As the Russian member of the SBG Ireland camp, McGregor is throwing some heavy weight behind his teammate. You get the impression that he’s trying to sell Lobov to Dana and the boys, whether he wins or loses tonight.

Lobov and McGregor exchange in a little back and forth, but it’s become pretty clear that there’s no real drama between them. They can fake it for the cameras all they want, but the mutual respect is fairly apparent. Man this one is moving fast. I love it. The first weigh ins are in the books, both men have walked to the cage, and we’re ready to get things started between Lobov and Jenkins.

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Both guys start by looking for those power shots early. No wasted movement, both swinging at full power on each strike. Lobov is leaving his hands low, but seems to have the speed advantage. He’s utilizing some great head movement. But it’s a dangerous game. Still, Jenkins is being tagged pretty badly through the first minute and a half. The referee has stopped the clock at 2:16 to check a cut above Jenkin’s right eye, and action continues.

Great precision from Lobov who seems to be landing clean every time, while staying just outside of Jenkins range. Finally, it’s a big counter strike that lands flush and Lobov ends it with a few finishing blows. As promised, it was a dominant performance from the Russian Irishman. And according to Lobov, “a Russian Irishman always keeps his word.” Great fight.

Official Result – Artem Lobov def. James Jenkins via TKO (Round 1)

The next matchup has been announced, as David Teymur of Team Europe is set to take on Johnny Nunez of Team USA.

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By all accounts, the gameplan is the predictable one. Johnny Nunez, the American wrestler, will be looking to grind his opponent out and break him. Teymur, looks to use his wrestling as a defense, and make him pay for his arrogance. USA vs. Europe at it’s finest. Another quick turn around, as both guys have already weighed in and walked to the cage. Based on the timing, this is shaping up to be a longer fight.

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Conor McGregor no shows this one. The fights are scheduled for 4:00, and at 4:15, McGregor is nowhere to be found. The Nevada State Athletic Commission determines that they can’t wait any longer, and begins the fight. Disappointing for Teymur.

Round one starts with a furious pace. Neither guy lands with much through the first minute, but both guys look extremely well conditioned. Now, the clinch game. Nunez has Teymur against the cage, but it’s Teymur who is controlling the action, throwing Nunez around and landing some big shots. He’s absolutely smothering Nunez with ground strikes. After a couple warnings, Nunez survives, now they’re back to the feet.

Nunez gets a takedown at the halfway point and quickly begins to pass Teymur’s guard. He sacrifices position for aggression and allows Teymur to get back to the feet. Teymur is dominating the clinch game so far, scoring with hard knees to the body, but Nunez is patient and scores another takedown. This time, they’re int he center of the cage. Nunez transitions to half guard, then full mount with under a minute to work. Strong finish from Nunez, but he doesn’t do much damage.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Teymur

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Round two, here we go. Does Vanessa live in that TUF gym? Okay sorry, I’ll stay focused. A pair of huge body kicks land flush for Teymur, and you can see Nunez carrying his hands a bit lower. Team Europe is calling out that he’s hurt and I think they’re right. But Nunez isn’t done yet. A strong push for a double leg leads to a wild scramble that amounts to nothing.

Teymur is winning the fight, but he’s being sloppy in his aggression. Teymur allows Nunez to gain top position once again, and this time, he has three minutes to work with. Teymur looks completely depleted now. Nunez takes full mount again and has about a minute and a half to secure a submission. He’s maintaining position, but again, isn’t doing much with it. Now, with a minute left, both fighters have sepearted and face each other in the center of the Octagon. It’s Teymur’s striking that puts an exclamation point on this one, as he should take the second round, and likely the fight.

MMA Mad scores the second round 10-9 Teymur (20-18 overall)

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Well the judges have it all knotted up and have decided to go to a third round. In other words, ignore my scores above. Whoever wins this third round will win the entire fight.

 And look who decided to show up. McGregor appears for round three. And just like that, Mystic Mac gives Teymur the lift that he needs. He drops Nunez early and begins pouring on some ground and pound. Again, Nunez survives and gets things back to the feet. And the ref splits them up with just under three minutes left.

Huge jumping switch kick from Teymur seems to wobble Nunez once again. Nunez is in survival mode, clinching with Teymur in defense, but not amounting much offense so far. This is beginning to look like Training Mode in Tekken. As I type that, Nunez ends the round on top again. And again, he does nothing with it. It was a dominate round for Teymur, and he should take this one easily. (Technically I had him winning all three rounds, but I won’t harp on the point)

MMA Mad scores the third round 10-9 Teymur

Official Result – David Teymur def. Johnny Nunez via unanimous decision

In the final fight, we have Abner Lloveras of Team Europe vs. Jason Gonzales of Team USA. See you guys next week!

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