Jim Wallhead insists there is ‘no pressure’ ahead of KSW 32 debut against Rafał Moks

“Judo” Jim Wallhead insists there is ‘no pressure’ on him ahead of his Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) debut at KSW 32 Road to Wembley on Saturday, October 31 at the SSE Arena Wembley.

Appearing on the War of the Words podcast, Wallhead (27-9) spoke about a number of topics, including his ‘frustrating’ year in MMA, training with London Shootfighters and his upcoming fight against Rafał Moks (10-7) at KSW 32.

It was announced by KSW in July that Wallhead would be appearing on their debut London show. The Loughborough based fighter claimed him and the promotion had back and forth negotiations for a couple of weeks before they reached a one-fight deal.

Wallhead alluded to his trying times with various mixed martial arts organisations: BAMMA, Bellator MMA and Cage Warriors, where he had previously signed multi-fight deals which had all ended in discontent.

“They wanted me to sign a multi-fight deal, but to be honest I just want to sign one fight deals at the minute. Just because in the past every multi-fight deal I have signed something has always seemed to have gone a bit tits up, so to be honest I just want to fight one-fight deals for now.”

“Judo” Jim, who moved to London Shootfighters 18 months ago, stated he is feeling much more comfortable at this point in his career, with the belief that there is ‘no pressure’ ahead of his first bout on UK soil for almost a year.

“There is no pressure no more, at all, wherever it is. Timbuctoo or bloody Wembley, it don’t matter. I’m at a point where I’m just really enjoying it all really, I joined London Shootfighters about 18 months ago and since then the whole aspect with training and outlook, it’s just changed, I’m just really, really happy.

“[I’m] enjoying every day really, enjoying the training and enjoying the journey a lot more, because to be honest to you before I probably thought I was coming towards the end.”

Wallhead also confirmed that he is currently in the happiest and most content position he has been throughout his 36 fight career, and credited his maturity and time at Shootfighters for that.

“I’ve always been my own worst enemy, psychologically in the past and stuff, and I think that definitely the rout to me not doing things maybe I should have done. Everyone’s different, some people can handle that side of it straight away, It’s all part of growing is it?

“It’s took me a bit longer than most to grow in that respect but finally I’ve matured in that way and I absolutely wish I was doing it 10 years and I absolutely wish I joined London Shootfighters 10 years ago.”

The former BAMMA Welterweight title contender also attributed the ‘direction, motivation, skill set and cardio’ which he has learned and improved at Shootfighters as one of the definitive factors for an expected win at KSW 32.

Wallhead has only fought once in 2015, a short notice bout against Rodrigo Ribeiro in March at Abu Dhabi Warriors 2. His fight against Moks will be almost a year to the day since he knocked out Juan Manuel Suarez at CWFC 73, but the former Team Rough House member stated his frustration of the past year’s inactivity.

“Obviously very disappointing, a bit frustrating, I’ve had a few things fall through, injury as well, not ideal,” claimed Wallhead. “Frustrating because of the time between competition but ultimately frustrating for of the money as well, I’m not going to lie. Again it is what it is, hopefully get this fight out of the way and touch wood, injury free and then maybe try get something out in December.”

Opponent Moks found himself on a four fight win streak; all wins coming by guillotine choke, before dropping a decision to Aslambek Saidov at KSW 30 –Genesis in February. Known for his grinding style, Wallhead admitted that he is prepared for a war at Wembley arena, but expects his ‘technique’ to be enough to beat the Pol.

“That’s the way I’ve always bloody fought to be honest, always trying to go into a war and have a scrap If it comes to that it will come to that but I feel like I’ve matured and been a bit more clever about things and hopefully he won’t get the opportunity to make it a war.

“Even if he wants to try and take it there I’m going to refrain from that using my technique and my game plan and pick him off. But if it comes down to a war, I’m no stranger to standing there and having a bit of a slug fest, so whichever way, I’m just happy to be fighting to be honest.”

You can listen to the full interview with Jim Wallhead on Episode 14 of War of the Words podcast, hosted by Andreas M. Georgiou.

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