UFC Fight Night 76 Results || Darren Elkins grinds out dominant win over Robert Whiteford

Written by @NickRiznerMMA

Dublin, Ireland: Darren Elkins showed once again that American wrestling is a superior martial art in the octagon as he dominated Scotland’s Robert Whiteford on route to a unanimous decision win.

Whiteford threatened with the power punching early. He caught Elkins with a handful of clean shots, but Elkins did his nickname proud and ate the punches like a champ. The rest of the fight was all Whiteford, grinding Whiteford out with dominant wrestling and earning the unanimous decision victory.

Live play-by-play

Round 1:

This should be a good one. Elkins seems to be getting the best of the exchanges early, landing with some accuracy and catching Whiteford clean. And as I type that, Whiteford lands clean and wobbles Elkins. Perhaps Elkins saw the finish coming as well, because he drove for a takedown attempt. Whiteford escapes to the feet and lands another huge uppercut on Elkins, who quickly goes for another takedown. Again, Whiteford gets it standing and land another bomb. He’s clearly got the striking advantage.

Interesting that Elkins’ corner said he won the round. He scored a couple of takedowns, but didn’t do much while in top control. We’ll see how the judges score it.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Whiteford

Round 2:

Another takedown from Elkins. Another attempt to get back to the feet from Whiteford. This time, Elkins catches him halfway up and takes control of the back, but just for a moment. Elkins is completely dominating Whiteford in the second. John Gooden just called him “a human duvet”. Amazingly, Whiteford gets things standing again, but all this effort has got to take a toll on the power of Whiteford. We saw a beautiful judo throw from Whiteford, but the round ends where it started. Easy one to score.

MMA Mad scores the second round 10-9 Elkins (19-19)

Round 3:

A completely dominant round from Elkins who strung together a great performance. Beautiful job avoiding the power punches of Whiteford and dragging him into his world. Big one for Elkins.

MMA Mad scores the third round 10-9 Elkins (29-28)

Official Result – Darren Elkins def. Robert Whiteford via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)



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