Bellator 144 Results || Matt Secor beats the clock with late round heel hook.

Written by Ty Reynolds @MMAtylander


Bellator 144: Halsey vs. Carvalho will take place October 23, 2015 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.  Secor dominated his opponent on the mat before finishing Holloway late in round 2 with a painful submission. The event airs live in prime time on Spike TV following the preliminary card on MMA Mad. Jeremie Holloway vs. Matt Secor took place on the preliminary portion of the card

Live play-by-play

Round 1

Secor scores a nice take down thirty seconds into the fight and lands right in side control.  Holloway is tring to defend as Secor looks to setup a choke.  Now Secor looking for full mount.  He gets it and presses Holloway down.  He raises and lands a right shot.  2 minutes left in the round.  Holloway seems stuck.  Hes’ holding Secor tight.  Secor not looking for many strikes.  Now he sits up consistently with around a minute left in the round.  Looked like he might go for a sub, but stays with the stikes.  Now Secor is isolating an arm, but Holloway reversed and is now in Secor’s guard.  Round 1 ends with Holloway on top.

10-9 Secor

Round 2

Lots of circling the first minute of Round 2.  Holloway seems to be the better athlete but is cautions.    Neither man really landing anything.  Secor gets a double though, and Holloway is back on the mat.  Secor is working from his opponent’s guaurd.  Palm strikes as Hollaway holds onto Secor’s head.  Not much action here.  Secor is staying tight to Hollway fro the most part and not trying to pass.  Finally passes to half gurad and then all the way to side control.  Now back to half guard.  1 minute left in Round 2.  Secor rolls for a kneegbar and then switches to a footlock.  30 seconds left in the round.l  Holloway grabbing at Secor’s head.  Secor gets the tap with a heelhook with less than 10 secs left!!!

Round 3

Official Result

Matt Secor def. Jeremie Holloway via Submission (heel hook) RD 2 4:54

Secor is now 7-2 in his professional career after knocking his opponent down to a 7-1 record.

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