Rory MacDonald Plans Move to Middleweight; Wants to Fight ‘Everyone’

Written by @NickRiznerMMA

Rory MacDonald just completed a Reddit AMA, where he revealed plans to move from welterweight to middleweight, saying his future fights will be split fights between the two weight classes.

When asked about the dangers of weight cuts and whether a divisional change is in his future, Rory responded back emphatically.

“I think the UFC’s done all they can. It’s a fighter’s choice to go down in weight if they feel like they can. I’ll definitely be going up in weight, playing between two weight classes in the future.” – Rory MacDonald

This is a reaffirmation of a plan he’s had since 2012, when he shared similar sentiments in a Q&A prior to UFC 154, where he stated that he “no doubt will fight at middleweight at some point in his career.” According to Rory, the decision is based on a desire to fight against middleweights, and not as a result of a difficult weight cut. The question was not if, but when.

Now, nearly three years later, it seems as if that time is drawing near.

Rory, who began his career as a lightweight before moving to welterweight in his eighth professional bout, has amassed an impressive 18-3 record against a slew of top contenders. In his last fight, he took on Robbie Lawler for the UFC Welterweight Championship and served as one half of the greatest title fight in welterweight history. Hell, it may have been the greatest fight of all time.

Despite coming up short, he has surely cemented himself in the history of the division, and could be eyeing to do the same at 185 lbs. There’s no shortage of intriguing matchups over there, and Rory would be a welcomed addition to the mix of contenders.

He is currently the #1 ranked welterweight in the UFC.

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