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TUF 22 || Live Results from Episode 6

Written by @NickRiznerMMA

Episode six of the Ultimate Fighter season 22 airs tonight on Fox Sports 1 in the US (10 pm ET) and BT Sport 1 (3 am BST). If you missed any of the results from last weeks episode you can catch them here before the show begins.

This week, with Team Europe in full control of the matchmaking, McGregor has chosen Mehdi Baghdad to take on Julian Erosa of Team USA. Everything is tied up at 2-2, and both teams will be looking to take the lead with a win tonight. Plus, TJ Dillashaw comes by the gym, and things get heated between McGregor and Team Alpha Male.

Episode 6

And we’re off. Episode six of The Ultimate Fighter 22 stars now. I’m really excited to see how this TJ stuff plays out. Keep in mind, with this whole episode being prerecorded, Faber had no idea that TJ was on the verge of leaving Team Alpha Male. Also, I don’t care what anyone says. Julian Erosa looks like Frank Kaminsky.

Baghdad’s kickboxing is legit. Former K1 guy with an 11-3 record in MMA; 8 knockouts. That’s going to be difficult to deal with.

So I guess we’re getting right into this. Dillashaw, Faber, and Ludwig brought up almost immediately. Dillashaw is anticipating the McGregor trash talk, but according to that teaser, it wasn’t enough to prevent a pushing match. You just know Dana is salivating over the potential grudge matches that he can make out of all this.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Both guys make weight. Both teams are confident they’re going to win. Ryan Hall is calling people Mehdi a bitch. Typical TUF.

Now we’re getting into the TJ trash talk.

“TJ was in my corner when I fought for a world title. He’s been my right hand man.” – Urijah Faber

Conor started the trash talk. “Touchy” Fili was the main Alpha Male firing back. Then (former) Mr. Paige VanZant himself, Cody Garbrandt, was the one to cross the line from verbal to physical. In classic TV fashion, we cut to commercial right after the push. This reality show business is killing me inside. I feel like I’m watching Jersey Shore. Nevertheless, we push forward. Catch you guys after the break.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

“Take care of your underwears. I’m gonna **** you man.” – David Teymur

TJ was ‘back getting some coffee’ when all the drama started. The real talk started afterwards. McGregor just hit the nail on the head so directly, it’s as if this was airing live. He called TJ out for being with Team Alpha Male, but not really being with Team Alpha Male. His target was not so much Faber, but almost entirely TJ. This could be the result of McGregor and Faber’s bond growing stronger since coaching against one another.

He went on to say that Dillashaw made the wrong choice, going with the guy who was there for ten minutes vs. the guy who brought him out of high school. Like a boyfriend who just found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, Faber can do nothing but plaster a fake smile on his face and bow his head in bewilderment.

He knew something was wrong. Now we all know.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

The fighters return to the house and discuss the fight. Seems like it was more about the coach vs. coach drama than the actual fighters so no in-house scuffles on the horizon. Almost fight time.

Throughout the episode, Baghdad has promised to hurt Erosa really bad. But there’s no false bravado inside the cage. Both guys have completed their walkouts and are ready to go. Live round-by-round scoring after the commercial break.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

 Erosa kicks off the action with that unorthodox striking we were promised. Baghdad looks to be looking for that knockout punch, flat-footed and stalking. Erosa, on the other hand, is doing a lot more bouncing around, staying loose and light. Erosa is keeping his hands low and paying for it with a few clean shots to the face. Nevertheless, he still looks fresh at the three minute mark, a discouraging sign for Baghdad.

Baghdad is really doing a great job at cutting off the angles and catching Erosa against the cage. I’m impressed with Erosa’s striking so far, but Baghdad likely takes this one with the accuracy and aggression. That being said, it was a very close round. And an exciting one at that.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Baghdad

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Okay round two, here we go. Great work from Erosa early. He’s getting off early and often, mixing things up with some really good combinations. He seems to have found his timing on defense as well, slipping most of the shots that were landing clean in the first round. The speed of those front kicks are really hurting Erosa when he doesn’t land clean. Baghdad is taking advantage with some sharp counters.

Erosa is doing great work on defense, and it’s starting to have an effect on Baghdad’s endurance. It’s not helping that Erosa keeps feeding him knees from the clinch. With one minute left, Baghdad seems to land a clean elbow that wobbles Erosa, yet he fails to follow up. He lands another at the 30 second mark, but Erosa keeps firing back. Fight of the season so far, without question.

MMA Mad scores the second round 10-9 Erosa and 19-19 overall

Official Result – Julian Erosa def. Mehdi Baghdad via majority decision (20-18, 19-19, 20-18)

Team USA takes the lead and control of the matchups. He’s going with Thanh Le of Team USA vs. Martin Svensson of Team Europe. Should be a great battle of striking vs. jiu jitsu. Tune in next week for another live TUF 22 blog. This is Nick Rizner aka the Perez Hilton of MMA Journalism signing out.

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