Nick Newell reportedly retires from MMA after WSOF 24 victory

Written by Ty Reynolds @MMAtylander

MMA Mad’s Nick Rizner is live at WSOF 24 and is reporting that Nick Newell has announced that he is leaving the sport.

While the announcement was not aired on the live broadcast of WSOF 24 on NBCSN, Nick Newell reportedly retired from active competition in MMA during his post-fight speech.  The former championship challenger cited a desire to pass on the knowledge he has acquired over his career and avoid a lifestyle of living paycheck-to-paycheck as reasons for the decision.

Should “Notorious” stay true to the declaration, he will be exiting the sport with a  13-1 record, his only loss coming to current WSOF lightweight champion Justin Gaethje.  Newell attracted a strong following during his career due to his ability to thrive in combat sports despite being born with congenital amputation of his left arm.  He was a standout wrestler before moving on to MMA in 2009.

Most of Newell’s career witnessed him compete under the WSOF banner where he earned 4 victories in 5 attempts, including his latest and final bout against Tom Marcellino tonight in Connecticut.

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  1. Hey dipshit he said “i don’t want to have to fight for a paycheck” this kid has worked hard his whole fuckin life and had people like you standing in his way telling him he can’t do it, every step of the way….he has more heart than you’ll ever know, jackass

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