TUF 22 || Live Results from Episode 4

Written by @NickRiznerMMA

Episode four of the Ultimate Fighter season 22 airs tonight on Fox Sports 1 in the US (10 pm ET) and BT Sport 1 (3 am BST). If you missed any of the results from last weeks episode you can catch them here before the show begins.

Team USA improved to 2-0 over Team Europe as Chris Gruetzemacher took home the unanimous decision victory over Sascha Sharma. Urijah Faber picks again, and this time he has chosen the American, Tom Gallicchio to take on Marcin Wrzosek of Team Europe.

Episode 4

Episode 4 begins where episode 3 left off. McGregor – still upset over Sascha Sharma’s inability to follow instructions – continues to berate Sascha in front of Team Europe. Faber then scolds McGregor for skipping morning practice. The American competitors agree with the Faber (unsurprisingly), but McGregor stands by his strategy, reinforcing that champions shouldn’t be babied.

“World Champions do not need their hands held.” – Conor McGregor

Now it’s training time. As it turns out, this fight was not Faber’s choice. Rather, “Toothless Tom” chose this one, himself. Did he make the right choice? We’ll find out shortly.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Both guys discuss the awkwardness of living in a house together, prior to the fight and find out that they share a nickname. Tom is known by some of his friends as “The New Jersey Zombie,” while Marcin Wrzosek is known as “The Polish Zombie”.

Next, we get a closer look at Marcin’s ‘training camp’ with the team. McGregor expresses some regret over how he acted during the last fight, and appears excited for this next one.

“Sascha is a good kid, and he has skill, and he has work ethic. I shouldn’t have gotten wound up about it.” – Conor McGregor

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Tom stays home to cut weight and requests that Johnny Nunez does the same. Nunez obliges, but unfortunately, he does so without giving his coaches a heads up. This earns him a scolding from the coaches, but he also got to watch Tom skinny dip, so… worth it?

Both fighters make weight. Fight time after the break.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Both fighters prepare themselves for battle, as the coaches instill them with confidence. Will it be the American’s wrestling or the European’s striking that earn the victory? Maybe we’ll see something that shocks us!

Although, that’s unlikely considering the fact that it wasn’t promoted and teased to death all week.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Tom catches a kick and jumps on Marcin’s back as he tries to escape. Tom locks in a body triangle from behind, but Marcin tries to shake him off and lands a few hard shots in the process. After a few minutes, Marcin finally ends up in top position and gets things back to the feet. Closing the round with some heavy hands, I give the first to Marcin, although it was close.

Rd.1: 10-9 Marcin Wrzosek

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Marcin is clearly winning the stand-up exchanges, but Tom quickly gets things to the ground and transitions to full mount. Marcin uses a straight arm bar attempt to roll Tom over and implement some ground and pound of his own. Marcin allows things to return to the feet. He defends a few half-hearted take down attempts and takes the round with ease.

Rd.2: Marcin Wrzosek (20-18 overall)

Looks like the judges agreed. It was 20-18 from all three judges, giving Marcin & Team Europe their first win. A disappointed “Toothless Tom” discusses how the next six weeks in the house will be torture.

“I’m gonna be alone in my own little dungeon” – Tom Gallicchio

Conor gets his first pick of the season and he’s chosen Saul Rogers of Team Europe vs. Billy Quarantillo of Team USA.

And that’s all folks. See you next week!

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