TUF 22 || Live Results from Episode 3

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Episode three of the Ultimate Fighter season 22 airs tonight on Fox Sports 1 in the US (10 pm ET) and BT Sport 1 (3 am BST). If you missed any of the results from last weeks episode you can catch them here before the show begins. Also you can watch the highlights of all the preliminary round fights here.

Team USA defeated Team Europe in the first opening round matchup, as Ryan Hall was able to lock in a heel hook to finish Frantz Slioa in the first. Urijah Faber maintains control of the matchmaking heading into episode three, and has selected Chris Gruetzemacher of Team USA to square off against Sascha Sharma of Team Europe.

Episode 3

Episode 3 opens with a teaser of McGregor’s epic flip out. We’ll have to wait until the end of the episode to see what led to all that. First, we see McGregor in full coach mode. Team Europe is implementing a training regiment in which the fighters train once in the morning and once at night. During the morning session, Team Europe works with the assistant coaches, exclusively. Then, at night, McGregor joins the practice to go through some technical work with the guys.

Chris Gruetzemacher details his wild past. His grandfather was a prisoner of war. His father was murdered. His outlet? Mixed Martial Arts. Familiar story that I can never get tired of hearing.

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Urijah Faber and the team visit the guys to watch UFC on FOX: Dillashaw vs. Barao II. With a living room full of Dillashaw’s Team Alpha Male teammates, the US team shares a great moment with their coaches. As you know, Dillashaw gets his hand raised. The next day, Faber and McGregor are discussing the fight and McGregor suggests that Faber fight Dillashaw. He spells out the situation, as he sees it, claiming that Faber brought Dillashaw up, then hired a Duane Ludwig as a striking coach, then lost Dillashaw to said striking coach. Not far from the truth, but definitely an attempt to get under Faber’s skin.

“I think it’s a b*tch move on T.J.’s part and I think it’s a b*tch move on Urijah’s part, not recognizing it.” – Conor McGregor

According to McGregor, he was just ‘telling the truth.’

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Both Sascha Sharma and Chris Gruetzemacher talk through the nerves experienced before a fight. We’re less than halfway through the episode and the fighters have already begun their walkouts. This could mean that there are plenty of post-fight antics, in addition to McGregor’s freak out. Or it’s a long fight. We’ll find out soon! First, a quick commercial break coming up, so grab a drink. It’s almost fight time.

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 After some back and forth exchanges in the clinch, Chris finally scores the takedown. Sascha attempts a triangle choke/armbar combination but Chris eventually escapes. Sascha seemed to pull guard with a minute and a half left and began working from guard. He looks to be the more aggressive fighter and should take the first round, but he did spend a lot of time on his back (whether voluntarily or not), and it’s hard to predict how the judges will score that.

Rd.1: 10-9 Sascha Sharma

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Sascha managed to get cut very badly at the beginning of the round. A stuffed takedown attempt by Sascha led to some pretty heavy ground and pound by the American. Sascha managed to get to his feet, only to attempt another takedown attempt. This, too, was stuffed, sending McGregor into a rage.

“Stay on your f*cking feet. You’ve dominated every stand up exchange so far!” – Conor McGregor

Chris threatens with a few submission attempts but Sascha manages to escape and wind up on top. As soon as a scramble begins, Sascha attempts a half-hearted guillotine and winds up on bottom once again. Conor is visibly frustrated and for good reason. Chris takes the second in dominant fashion. This one should go to the third.

Rd.2: 10-9 Chris Gruetzemacher (19-19 overall)

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Despite repeated pleas from McGregor to stay on the feet, Sascha immediately attempts a takedown and was, again, stuffed. Chris Gruetzemacher dominates the entire round from top position and wins the third with ease. Sascha spends about 20 seconds in top position, but quickly returns to the mat. Chris takes round three, and thus, the entire fight.

Rd.3: 10-9 Chris Gruetzemacher (29-28 overall)

“Conor starts losing it, which is hilarious, because he told me he ‘wasn’t getting too invested in the guys.'” – Urijah Faber

 Chris is named the victor, and Urijah maintains control of the match making. Next up, it’s Tom Gallicchio from Team USA taking on Marcin Wrzosek from Team Europe.

Winner: Chris Gruetzemacher via Unanimous Decision

And with that, we’re done! Tune in next week as we live blog episode 4. Thanks for joining us guys!

Enjoy the rest of your night!

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