BAMMA 22 Results || Tuke breezes past Caffrey in pro debut

Dublin, Ireland – Dylan Tuke showed no signs of pressure coming to his first pro MMA bout as the SBG fighter cruised passed Adam Caffrey on his way to a rear-naked choke submission win.

BAMMA 22 took place today (Saturday 19th September) at the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland. It is the first event that BAMMA has held in Ireland.

Adam Caffrey Vs. Dylan Tuke was not aired on TV but will be uploaded to youtube at a later date.

The first round starts with Tuke throwing a spinning kick to the body of Caffrey, then initiating the clinch and landing a takedown against the cage, landing in Caffrey’s half guard. Tuke takes Caffreys back and sinks in a body triangle which an age to go in the round. Tuke and Caffrey handfighting with Tuke working for a rear-naked choke. After around a minute of solid defence from Caffrey, Tuke penetrates the defences and sinks in the choke.

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