BAMMA 22 Results || Mlambo impresses in pro debut, KO’s O’Gorman in one

Dublin, Ireland – Frans Mlambo’s year goes from strength to strength as the IMAAF world champion stopped Darren O’Gorman in devastating fashion in his pro debut.

BAMMA 22 took place today (Saturday 19th September) at the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland. It is the first event that BAMMA has held in Ireland.

Darren O’Gorman vs. Frans Mlambo was not aired on TV but will be uploaded to youtube at a later date.

O’Gorman and Mlambo trade strikes early before O’Gorman initiates the clinch against the cage, working for a takedown, double and first then switches to a single leg but Mlambo defends well and reveres the clinch, lands a huge body kick and a right hand to knock out O’Gorman at 2:45 of the first round.

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