BAMMA 22 Results || Leite shows slick submission game, submits Gilmore in second

Dublin, Ireland – Alexandre Leite looked like a solid prospect, finishing Gerard Gilmore with a slick triangle late in the second round.

BAMMA 22 took place today (Saturday 19th September) at the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland. It is the first event that BAMMA has held in Ireland.

Gerard Gilmore vs. Alexandre Leite was not aired on TV but will be uploaded to youtube at a later date.

Leite comes out strongly in the first, throwing wild punches and forcing the clinch against the cage. Gilmore uses knees to Leite’s body to try and break the clinch but is unsuccessful. Leite continues to push Gilmore against the cage, drops down for a double leg and gets Gilmore to the mat and lands right into side control. Gilmore recovers to half guard however Leite passes again with ease. Gilmore sweeps and gets back to his feet beautifully, landing a nice combination which forces Leite into the clinch yet again. A wild flurry ensues to the end the round.

MMA Mad score the round 10-9 Leite.

Both fighters trade wild punches to start the second round with Leite once again forcing the clinch against the cage and looking for the takedown. Leite gets a big takedown in the middle of the cage and lands straight into mount. Gilmore tries to escape but gives up his back, then lands into Leite’s triangle. Gilmore seems comfortable and survives the triangle attempt and is now in the full guard of Leite. Leite then locks in another triangle attempt and this time its deep forcing Gimore to tap.

The finish came at 4:33 of the second round.



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