BAMMA 22 Results || Andrew impresses in debut, submits Tobin in third round

Dublin, Ireland – Mark Andrew looked impressive in his pro debut, impressing on the feet before finishing Sean Tobin via guillotine in the third round.

BAMMA 22 took place today (Saturday 19th September) at the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland. It is the first event that BAMMA has held in Ireland.

Mark Andrew Vs. Sean Tobin was not aired on TV but will be uploaded to youtube at a later date.

A slow start to the first round with both fighters trying to feel each other out. Andrew goes for a big knee but Tobin catches it and lands a big takedown, picking Andrew ubove his head and walking him over to his corner.  Tobin works into half guard, Andrew recovers full guard but eats an elbow in doing so. Andrew gets back to his feet however gets his back taken against the cage to end the round.

MMA Mad score the round 10-9 Tobin.

Andrew starts the second round with an impressive combination on the feet, forcing Tobin against the cage. Another uppercut headkick combination for Andrew lands who seems to have found his composure in the second round until Tobin successfully gets another takedown. Tobin works to get Andrew’s back however Andrew works back to his feet. Andrew lands in Tobin’s guard to end the round.

MMA Mad score the round 10-9 Andrew and 19-19 overall.

Andrew clearly more effective on the feet, showing a confident arsenal in the third round, Andrew stuffs a takedown and goes to work lighting Tobin up with heavy strike to the body and head. Tobin goes for a takedown but lands straight into a tight guillotine which forces the stop at 1:16 of the third round.

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