BAMMA 22 || Weigh-In Aftermath

BAMMA 22 weigh-ins took place earlier today and there were a number of fighters who missed the mark first time around. Now the fighters have been given an hour to hit the required weight, MMA Mad has now officially confirmed the following:

Alan Philpott failed to make weight. He origianlly weighed in at 139.4 however could only cut down to 138.8lbs during the hour cut-off period, therefore only Regis Sugden can win the BAMMA Lonsdale bantamweight title with a win in Dublin tomorrow night. Sugden will also recieve a % of Philpott’s purse.

Conor Cooke succesfully made weigh at his second attempt (originally weighed in at 186.6lbs) so the fight with Paul Byrne (184.4lbs) goes ahead as planned.

Celina Haga failed to make weight however, Catherine Costigan refused to receive the fighter fine due to short notice fight and long flight. The fight goes ahead as planned.

Neither Hatice Ozyurt(136.4lbs) and Sinead Kavanagh(136.8lbs)made weight, however the fight has been agreed and is still on.

Alexandre Liege failed to make weight and will be fined a percentage of his purse.


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