TUF 22 || Live Results from Episode 2

Written by @NickRiznerMMA

Episode two of the Ultimate Fighter season 22 airs tonight on Fox Sports 1 in the US (10 pm ET) and BT Sport 1 (3 am BST). If you missed any of the results from last weeks episode you can catch them here before the show begins. Also you can watch the highlights of all the preliminary round fights here. 

After the conclusion of the eliminator fights in episode one, a coin toss was held to determine which team would pick the first fight of the tournament. Team USA and Faber won the toss and will now control who fights first on the next episode.

Episode 2

And we’ve begun. Episode 2, here we go. We open with an aerial shot of Vegas and the first look at Conor’s coaching skills. Conor preaches the importance of individuality and selfishness. “

“In times of stress, scared individuals bunch up. Recognize it. You’re here for you.” – Conor McGregor

The guys get together in the house for the first time, as the U.S. team sizes up the competition. It appears that the Europeans are underestimating the American teams, while the fighters from the USA give props to the Europeans. This could be a costly mistake for the European team.

The different approaches to coaching are immediately evident. Whether it’s the editing or the reality is unclear, however Conor’s unorthodox striking regiment goes a long way in explaining his own unique style.

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As teased in the episode preview, each coach had the opportunity to bring one fighter back into the competition. Conor McGregor chose his teammate, Artem Lobov, while Urijah Faber selected a wrestling specialist in Johnny Nunez.

Now here’s the twist. With nine fighters on each team, there will be one too many for the quarterfinals. Therefore, Dana white will chose one of the winners to get dropped from the competition. The decision will be based on quality of performance; a clear incentive to keep the fights exciting.

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Each coach attempts to one up each other in the trash talk department, followed by periods of awkward silence. Conor wins the exchange, as expected.

And the first fight has been announced! Ryan Hall of Team USA is set to take on Frantz Slioa of Team Europe.

TUF may have become a bit redundant in it’s old age, but the one thing that has remained positive is the backstories. The American, Ryan Hall dives into his Tourette Syndrome and his history with jiu jitsu and MMA, as well as his experience training with Georges St. Pierre. As a leg lock specialist, Hall has taken on the role of coach, teaching his teammates the value of the 50-50 position.

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Frantz tells a heartbreaking story of his family history. Originally from Iraq, Frantz and his family fled to Sweden. Other members of his family were supposed to follow suit, but were caught during the escape and killed. Fighters with this sort of upbringing tend to have an unteachable mental edge. Let’s see if it pans out in the cage.

Both fighters make weight at 155 pounds and square off for the first stare down of the season.

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Hall and Frantz go through their prefight rituals, talk a little trash in the confessional, and step into the cage. It’s fight time. Time to see which team takes an early lead.

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Rd.1: After exchanging jabs on the feet, Hall goes in for his signature 50-50 position and begins working leg locks. Frantz defends for a little while, but Hall’s jiu jitsu is ultimately too much for the European. This kid is going to be dangerous.

Ryan Hall wins via heel hook in the very first round.

Team USA: 1     –     Team Europe: 0

“He was caught. He was not beat. I feel like there’s a big difference in being ‘caught’ instead of ‘beat’ in this business.” – Conor McGregor

Team USA has the next pick after the win. Urijah Faber has selected Chris Gruetzemacher of Team USA to take on Sascha Sharma of Team Europe. His reasoning? Chris’s veteran experience vs. a “scared” Sascha.

And that’s it! Episode 2 is in the books and Team USA takes an early lead. Hall has established himself as a real threat to win the whole thing with his submission skillset and mental edge. Tune in next week for another live blog of TUF 22.

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