BAMMA 22 || Fields looking for title shot with win over Jacquelin in Dublin

No fighter gives them self their own name and you are a “douchbag” if you do, according to BAMMA middleweight Chris Fields.

So it is just fortunate for Fields that he was given the moniker The Housewives’ Choice all because “a couple of the MMA guys mams or girlfriends kind of like me”.

“I always had this way that I could charm my friends mams so they thought I was the good guy, but I was generally the one making their son do all the dumb stuff, they were all ‘why can’t you be more like Chris, he is such a nice guy’. I like it actually, you know the rules, you can’t give yourself a name otherwise you are a douchbag.”

It was name given to Fields by his training partner Tom Kane and one that, in the world of MMA, has caused him some trouble over the years.

“It is a great name, but it is bad at the same time. I can get rid of it as it was given to me.”

Fields is getting set make just his second appearance for BAMMA when he co-main events BAMMA 22 later this month in hometown of Dublin. The 32-year-old will take on Frenchman Christopher Jacquelin in a middleweight showdown and he is eager to do better than a disappointing showing against Chieck Kone earlier in the year.

“I will get this done and maybe one more depending on this performance. If this performance is good then I should be straight in for a title shot, but it is time to stop talking about it, now it is time to just do it.”

“He looks reasonable off his back and likes a triangle choke” Fields added about Jacquelin. ” For me, obviously I am looking at the record (6-2), I have fought much tougher opponents, I think there are very few guys that are not in the UFC that have fought the level I have fought. I have fought everyone. I have never looked to shy away from fights, even when I was injured I looked for the fight for when I was back healthy. I want to fight anyone to see what level I am at.”

Fields knows he must produce the goods this time. The Irishman has been working hard at SBG Ireland with his coaches to make sure he is ready to meet the challenge of Jacquelin and get his record back on track.

The goal is very much a second shot at Kone, only this time it would be for the middleweight crown.

BAMMA 22 takes place at 3Arena, Dublin on 19 September

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