UFC 191 Results || Demetrious Johnson dominates John Dodson, retains flyweight title

Las Vegas, Nevada – Demetrious Johnson put on a striking clinic to shutdown John Dodson and retain his UFC flyweight title. It was Johnson’s seventh consecutive title defence. 

UFC 191 took place tonight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson was the main event of UFC 191 which aired on PPV in the United States and BT Sport in the UK.

No touch of gloves to kick things off and the fight starts at a frantic pace with Dodson landing strikes to the body early, Johnson goes for the takedown which is stuffed easily by Dodson. Johnson pressing forward with Dodson looking to counterstrike with the strong left hand. Johnson switching stances to counter that big left from Dodson. Johnson going for the single leg, Dodson stuffs the attempt but Johnson lands a nice left high kick. Johnson is now controlling the pace of this fight and should take the first round 10-9.

Round 2 begins with a nice left to the head by Dodson right away. Dodson kicks to the body but Johnson lands a glancing overhand left. Dodson lands a takedown however Johnson is straight back to his feet. Dodson clips Johnson with a left hand which halts Johnson in his tracks. Johnson being pushed up against the cage by Dodson but Johnson breaks and is now landing the lead right hand at will during this second round. Better round for Dodson but its very close. 19-19 after two rounds.

The pace has not slowed at all as we enter round three. Johnson attempts another takedown but Dodson once again stuffs it. Johnson has Dodson bloodied up against the cage landing short left hands. Johnson is taking control of this fight now, landing lovely elbows from the clinch. Johnson is opening up with his strikes and is looking way more comfortable than Dodson. Each time Dodson stuffs a takedown, he eats about 5 shots which is adding to the damage. Johnson gets the takedown towards the end of the round. 29-28 Johnson after three.

More of the same from Johnson to begin round four. Johnson looks fresh following 15 minutes of fighting, Dodson has slowed down considerably. Dodson stuffs another takedown but again eats a knee from the break of the clinch. This is becoming a striking clinic now and is becoming ‘The Mighty Mouse show’. Dodson trying to stall by holding Johnson up against the cage but Johnson lands a big right hand following the break. Johnson with relentless pressure. 39-37 to Johnson going into the final round.

The fifth and final round starts with Johnson overwhelming Dodson with strikes from all angles, the New Mexico native has no answer for the speed and agility of Demetrious Johnson. Johnson with a huge takedown and Dodson takes a massive deep breath as he tries to get back to his feet. Back to their feet and Johnson lands a front kick to the chest of Dodson followed by a straight right which lands uncontested. Johnson lands a huge takedown and a huge elbow as the bell goes to end the fight. Dominant performance from the champion.

The official result was unanimous (49-46, 49-46, 50-45).

With the win, Johnson extends his record to 22-2-1 MMA and Dodson drops to 17-7 MMA

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