War of the Words Podcast || Episode 6 || Alex Enlund & Chad Sugden

Host Andreas M. Georgiou presents War of the Words podcast, mixed martial arts’ premier talk show.

#3 ranked GLORY Kickboxing Welterweight, England’s own Chad ‘2Slick’ Sugden comes onto the podcast to talk about his recent fight at GLORY 23: Las Vegas, beating Murthel Groenhart. As well as, wanting to fight Nieky Holzken, a career in Boxing and his huge UK super fight against Michael Wakeling.

Also, former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion Alex Enlund joins this week’s show to talk about his recent win in Swansea, Wales, coming off a nine month hiatus, being the best unsigned Featherweight in Europe, and the importance of getting to the UFC, and staying there. Plus more.

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